Transforming Local Marketing for Brands and Retailers


Combining the marketing prowess of brands with the affinity of local retailers to reach the right shoppers at the right time.

Combine Local Affinity with Proximity

Brand Driven
Local Marketing

Inventory Aware Social Media Ads


Geo-targeted and local inventory-aware social media ads pushed into local markets to drive local store traffic

Brand Sponsored Digital Ads


Google and Bing "near me" and search ads driven by local inventory intelligence for brand products

ROAS Attribution


Track ad spend against products sold in local stores, with the ability to track the entire buying journey to get a true picture of return on ad spend

...because 83% of sales are made in local retail stores


Retailer Driven
Local Marketing

Let Local Shoppers Know You're Nearby


Local inventory ads expose your in-stock products and store information to nearby shoppers searching with Google and Bing

BOPIS and ROPIS Awareness


Let shoppers know that you offer the convenience of reserve or buy on-line and pick up in store

Measure Performance


Monitor the effects your digital ads have on in-store sales, tracking ad clicks all the way through to store visits

500+ Retailers and Counting

Local Inventory Marketing


A highly profitable way for retailers and brands to attract local shoppers that are searching online for local stores that have the product they're looking for.

With 84% of consumers searching locally for merchandise, there are zero reasons why a store shouldn't show up if they have the product sitting on a shelf.

Brand Funds Distribution Made Simple


Whether you're trying to distribute brand funds to key retailers or share social content or increase sales through an endless aisle, we've got you covered.

A single program that bundles all of your marketing services for your retailers.

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Brand Funds Distribution


Brands can now share marketing funds with their retailer network at scale with one step. Engage funds directly on retailers behalf in local markets using our highly automated Local Inventory Advertising feature. Measure the ROI impact quickly in our dashboard.

Social Content Sharing


Our social content scheduling and sharing solution allows brands to compliment their marketing offerings to retailers in this bundled solution at a fraction of the cost of other similar services. Boosted posts provides another way to distribute funds.

Endless Aisle Selling


Reach an expanded customer base and ship orders directly to their door. Spread your products across additional digital channels in local markets by leveraging authentic retailers who know your products. Local and Social ads drive more shoppers to this digital channel.

Sync Details, Quantities, New Products

Shopify Store Product Sync


Implement the ultimate tool for keeping your Shopify store up to date and eliminate 100's of hours used to hunt for images and descriptions. Keep your POS in sync with Shopify for new products and inventory levels.

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