Co-Op Marketing
That's Simply Smarter


Marketing campaigns that significantly increase your conversion rate without the hassles of a traditional co-op marketing program.

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Leveraging Data Intelligence To
Drive Local Market Advertising


Brands can now easily leverage local dealer inventory to directly reach shoppers looking to buy products in local stores. Implement a strategy across a wide array of digital channels including content, social, SEM, and PPC.

Power Local Inventory Ads
By Leveraging Retailer Data


BrandSlice has access to inventories from 1000's of retailers every day. With that data intelligence in hand, Brands have a huge new opportunity to reach shoppers in local markets that have expressed their intent to buy their products by performing an online search. Shoppers get immediate results that show your products are in stock locally and available for purchase.

Tracking The
Buyer Journey


BrandSlice has partnered with Locally to offer the most comprehensive buyer journey tracking available on any marketing platform.

Brands can now view social advertising metrics alongside buyer BOPIS and ROPIS transaction metrics giving them true attribution information of their ad spend.

Inventory Intelligence Powering
Local Social Advertising


Brand's can virtually peer into 100's of retailer's store inventories to find out what locations have its products in stock. Using that data intelligence, Brands can now push higher performing social ads in local markets, targeting shoppers who have an affinity towards its products.

Dynamic SEM For Local
Brand "Near Me" Searches


Brands can now expand their reach into local markets even further with dynamic search ads. Using local inventory intelligence, refreshed search ads are built every day to get in front of searches by local shoppers for those products.

72% of consumers that did a local search visited a store within five miles!

Funds Management



Bypass all of the hassles of sharing co-op marketing funds with retailers by running your own campaigns in local markets. No retailer participation is necessary, streamlining you path to success.


For those Brands that want to share marketing funds with Retailers, we offer highly efficient ways to run local ads without funds being transferred or receipts being required.


Tracking funds across each of your retailers/dealers is easy with our dashboards that show you exactly how much was allocated, spent, and remaining.

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