Co-Op Marketing


A better way to distribute, manage, control and track where and how your Co-Op dollars are being spent by your authorized Retailers.​

Co-Op Marketing Integrated With Digital
Ad Campaigns


BrandSlice provides a unique approach to allocating co-op marketing dollars to affiliated businesses like specialty retailers and franchises. Multi-location marketing teams can now create brand-compliant social ad campaigns and fuel their use in local markets by applying co-op marketing funds.

Save Time
Ditch The Receipts

When Retailers use co-op funds through the platform, it tracks exactly where they were used and what they were used for, eliminating the hassle and time-consuming process of getting receipts to process refund payments.

Direct Pay
or Future Credit

Brands determine which Retailers to allocated Co-Op funds to for each Co-Op program. Funds can be extended either as credit towards future invoices or paid directly by the Brand through our platform.

Ad Performance Tracking

Ad Performance tracking is provided so that marketing teams can track exactly how the money they allocated to each business was used and how the associated ad campaigns have been performing.

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