Meet ShopCast

A powerful new service for busy retailers to broadcast their complete inventory across multiple online shopping channels while supporting in-store purchase, curbside pickup and local delivery.

Simplicity At Work

ShopCast is an inexpensive cloud service that replaces the time and complexity required to get a Retailers store and products blasted out across online shopping channels.

Sync Your Inventory Automatically To Online Product Listings

ShopCast transforms your inventory images and text into highly optimized product listings, ensuring that they'll be found by shoppers ready to make a purchase. No maintenance, no worries. We handle everything for you.

Maximize Exposure Across Online Shopping Channels

From a single inventory file each night, ShopCast makes sure your store and in-stock products rise to the top of Google search results and are available in your social shop listings. You choose which channels to run.

Google Ads generated automatically from your inventory

When a shopper is ready to buy a product, their searches can range from broad category searches like "running shoes", to specific searches that include things like brands, colors, sizes, etc.

Every night, ShopCast generates up to 10 different ads for each in-stock GTIN/UPC along with tens of thousands of keywords. This ensures that no matter what search terms the shopper uses, your products will be found. Don't worry, you only pay for what they click on.

Local Product Searches

Over 46% of shoppers globally say that they confirm whether items are in stock before making a trip to that retailer. When you use Google free local product listings, you’re letting these prospective customers know that you have exactly what they want at the moment they're ready to buy.

eCommerce Product Searches

Google free product listings gives retailers a powerful way to organically reach consumers shopping on Google. With ShopCast, we fully leverage this reach for retailers and bring increased attention to eCommerce sites.

Trusted By Tons Of Retailers

These retailers trust our technology to get their products listed on Google and help them rank at the top for local searches.

- And Many More -

Integrated Inventory Platforms

ShopCast is more than just search advertising...

ShopCast is like having an entire digital marketing team working for you every day, to get your store inventory online. At the end of each day, your inventory gets uploaded from your POS into our system, where it's then used to create feeds for various online storefronts and search ads. Let's Get Started
Exposing your inventory automatically across multiple shopping channels dramatically improves your ability to get out in front of those searching for the products you have in stock. If 85% of purchases are done in local stores, make sure consumers see that you have it ready for pickup! Let's Get Started
Campaigns for every single one of your products are automatically built and updated daily for: - Google Adwords - Google Shopping - Facebook Shop - Instagram Shop Let's Get Started
When consumers are ready to buy a product, they'll include specific details in their searches, like product name, color, size, gender - you name it! We automatically build 33 Google Search ads for every one of your products to make sure you're showing up in these product search results. Let's Get Started
The landing pages generated automatically by our partners at Locally allow your customers to Buy Now or Reserve Online, and then come pick it up curbside or in-store, or have it delivered locally. Let's Get Started

It's Simple to Get Started

Register your retail business on BrandSlice
We’ll connect all of your accounts; Google Merchant, Facebook, Instagram, Google Adwords 
Connect your POS nightly upload via our partner Locally or directly with us.
Start broadcasting inventory!