Social Publishing


Brands now have a single place to create, schedule, and publish all of their highly engaging social content, all while simultaneously sharing it with their retailer network. It's simplicity at work.

Simplicity in Creation


Creating and scheduling your own social posts while directly sharing them with retailers in a single interface. For busy brand marketers, it allows you to perform two tasks in one place, while ensuring brand consistency!

Simplicity in Scheduling


Brands can schedule an entire marketing calendar worth of social posts, days, weeks and even months in advance. Simultaneously

Simplicity in Sharing


Brands can share social posts and content with retailers in 3 different ways

Why Share Your Media Library
With Your Retailers?


When you connect your media library directly to BrandSlice, our platform provides secure access to brand content right from within our Social Publishing feature we offer to retailers. The simple setup puts your content in the exact same screen retailers are creating their own social posts. With this kind of access convenience, it's guaranteed to promote retailers to share more of your content!

Detailed Analytics for Social Posts


Brand marketing teams can measure performance of all social posts published from
the platform and track engagement and trends in detail.

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