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Drive increased traffic to your store by showcasing your products online


You're very likely missing out on tens of thousands of product "near me" searches every day being performed by local shoppers. Get you're products online for everyone to see.

Dominate Local Markets Like Never Before


Small brick and mortar retailers are often challenged with getting nearby shoppers into their stores.

Simplify local inventory listings and let customers know you're right around the corner with this comprehensive product managment tool - all for $19/month.

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When a local shopper is searching on Google for "camping store near me" or "Burton womens jacket", we power your store and products to the top of the search results.

It's an incredibly inexpensive way to get 1000's of more views of your in stock products every month.

Specializing in Helping Small Business






The power of local marketing in action

Josh needs
a new mountain biking helmet


His friends just called in they're leaving in an hour to go biking. Josh gets his phone out to search for the closest store near him that carries his favorite brand.

Lost Opportunity

Your store doesn't show up in search results, so Josh goes to a competitor where the helmet is clearly displayed as in stock nearby

Sale Made In Your Store

Your store now shows up in search results, and Josh can see that you have the exact helmet in stock, so he heads over to your store

How Do You Get 5x Returns?

Here's How It Works


When an online shopper performs a search for a product using a local buying intent term like "near me", they will be shown your products at the top of the results. That results in what's called a product impression.

Proven statistics show the power of local marketing

Shoppers are searching for your store
every day, whether you know it or not

Powerful Insights
Into How Ads
Drive More Sales


You can now track exactly how your stores' local inventory ads are performing at every level of the marketing funnel. Detailed reporting for multi-location stores makes it incredibly easy to manage at the store level.

Ad Budget Attribution


Insight reporting allows you to attribute exactly how your ad budget is performing to every step of a shoppers buyers journey.



A unique ability to track which ads were clicked on and then reserved or purchased online and to be picked up in store.

Store Visit Tracking


Store Visits provides the impressive ability to track users who clicked on a product ad and then visited your store.

*Store Visit tracking is available to all stores that qualify

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Products managed by BrandSlice every day


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What our customers are saying

"BrandSlice's team made it very easy to get our Fitted Retail catalog onto Google Local Listings. As a locally owned store offering shoppers a convenient way to see what we have in stock, allows us to compete against larger companies even if they offer next-day shipping."
Dave Martinez
Director of Marketing
"We started our relationship with BrandSlice this Spring and it has truly made a difference in our business. In fact, April was our first full month and it was a 40-year record April. The BrandSlice team made a seamless transition onto the platform that syncs with our Locally inventory feed. Anecdotally, we survey our new customers about how they discovered us and many have said that they were searching outdoor items near them online and Trail Creek popped to the top of their search. I would highly recommend exploring how BrandSlice can improve your sales."
Ed Camelli
"We love knowing that customers have the ability to see what we have in stock on Google before they make a visit. BrandSlice's team worked with me to quickly have my inventory uploaded onto Google for this special placement."
Mark Crosby


Questions? We’ve got you covered.

To start your subscription, click on this link, Launch Registration.

This allows you to register your store on the BrandSlice platform. 

No. You would use Google or Bing shopping ads for selling products online.

Many subscription plans want to lock you in and not let you go for a year.  Our philosophy at BrandSlide is that it’s our responsibility to provide amazing tools and outstanding support. If we do those things, you’ll be with us for a long time.

So the short answer is, yes, you can cancel at any time.

BrandSlice supports inventory files from any of the following sources:

–   Shopify
–   BigCommerce

–   Locally.com
–   LightSpeed
–   Fitted Retail
–   XML


Under the Starter plan, your in-stock products will be shown to local online shoppers who initiate a local intent search on the following locations:

  • On Google’s Shopping tab, Google Images and Google Lens.
  • At the bottom of your Google Business profile in the See-What’s In-Store section
  • In Facebook Shops
  • In Instagram Shops

Most retailers send us their inventory at the end of each day, but we can accommodate more frequent updates if you’d like.

Your Google Business profile has the awareness of your geo coordinates of your brick-and-mortar location. Google uses this to know when to show your products at the top of local search results to let people know you’re nearby.

That’s an excellent a question and one we get all the time.  So, here’s the answer…it depends.

It’s based on a few different factors, like the number of products you sell, the population size around your store and ultimately, how many local shoppers you want to reach. Remember that ad budgets are almost always recovered by the additional sales they drive.

On average, if a store spends $500 a month, they get about 50,000 products shown. would recommend that retailers spend $1,000 a month as we often find that many searches don’t get sent a retailers way because they’ve run out of daily budget.

How It Works


ShopCast makes it easy to increase product visibility on Google in just 7 days. Our white-glove onboarding and support service make connection and integration a breeze. Your account manager walks you through each step to ensure nothing is lost in translation as we bring your store-based inventory online.

Are you sharing inventory with Locally? If so and are using 'Buy with Locally' you get ShopCast starter for Free.

What our customers are saying


List Products Online For Just $19 A Month


Why You'll Love it:

Here's how to get started


1. Register your account for Free

2. Meet your account manager and begin sharing inventory data.

3. Start showing up in Google, Bing, Facebook and Instagram.

1. Start your free 30-day trial and create your account.

2. Meet your account manager and begin sharing inventory data.

3. Start showing up in Google's key 3 placements.

Zero Red Tape, 100% Local Visibility


You're one step closer to listing you inventory on Google's Local Listings network. ShopCast reduces downtime and bypasses Google's extensive approval process and gets you up and running in 7 days or less. Introduce yourself below and start your free 30-day trial today!

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When a local shopper is searching on Google for "camping store near me" or "Burton womens jacket", we help power your store and products to the top of the search results.

It's an incredibly inexpensive way to get 1000's of more views of your in stock products every month.

ShopCast drives foot traffic

Get in front of mobile shoppers research


Did you know that 69% of 18-39 yr olds use mobile devices to research products before purchase? That means that if you want more shoppers to find your store and what you have in stock, you need to start sharing your inventory today. Don't let active shoppers find your competitors first.

Want proof that it generates results? Consider this stat. ShopCast generated over 1 million views of products in 2021 for its customers.