Digital Content Sharing


Distribute curated marketing materials, product lists and descriptions, and any other digital asset your Retailers might need, all from one place.​

Smarter Access

Retailers want quick assess to Brand content, but are often slowed down by trying to locate saved URLs or passwords for Brand portals. BrandSlice offers an intuitive and convenient solution for Retailers to use to access all of a Brand’s marketing assets from a single platform.

Consistent Experience

Brands manage the content from their native Dropbox™ or Box™ accounts, the same way they’re used to. Retailers will continue to have the same ability to search, view, and download all media content and files from a Brand's digital library, through our simple-to-use interface.

Secure Integration

With BrandSlice’s direct integrations to Dropbox™ and Box™, Brands can continue to use their existing file storage technology and security, while extending access to their media content and files through the BrandSlice platform. Retailers only need a single login to access a Brand’s digital assets.

Better Marketing Promotion

With the Digital Asset Library, Brands empower their Retailers to be rockstar ambassadors for their products, by providing easy-to-use technology for accessing and using their digital marketing content. Brands make digital marketing easy for their Retailers, with the power of BrandSlice.

Digital Asset Library


Much like any digital asset manager (DAM), the Digital Asset Library allows you to securely upload, store, sort and distribute important marketing assets to your Retailers, in a scalable way. ​

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