BrandSlice’s daily mission is to help brands create, distribute and share social media content.

What are the problems brands present to us? First, sales teams at brands spend enormous amounts of time trying to provide all kinds of tools, programs and financial incentives to their dealer network to try and promote their brand and their products. Second, brand marketing teams spend way too much time creating unique content and materials for specific specialty retailers. Third, brands have no easy way of tapping into local audiences that have a strong affinity for a specialty retailer carrying their products.

BrandSlice was created to aggregate time consuming tasks that marketing teams need to accomplish every day and put scaling technology on top of it.  What does that mean? It means we allow the output of one task to be shared and distributed to thousands with a simple button push. It means brands have the ability to scale their marketing efforts without adding any new staff members. It means local retailers are turned into social media beacons for local shoppers looking for a brand products.  It means scaling with less cost.

At BrandSlice, we get up every day and think about how we can add more value to our platform to help brands expand their social footprint. This world moves fast—we plan to keep up with it with constant innovation and excellent customer support. That’s how we grow our business.

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