BrandSlice is retail marketing platform that transforms how brands and retailers reach enormous numbers of local consumers with social media and search advertising sharing features. We’re changing the game for brands who are looking to tap-into and build better engagement with their dealer network as a way to drive brand growth and product sales.

BrandSlice was started in 2016 by our co-founders Tim and Brian Nero.

Their vision was to smooth interactions between brands and retailers and drive a more unified approach to localized marketing. Their research showed that there really weren't many solutions for the unique challenges the industry has with brand/retailer interactions. That’s why you’ll see the terms Brand and Retailer used throughout our platform, a constant reminder that it’s built purposely for the retail industry.

From day one, BrandSlice was built with ease-of-sharing engrained into its DNA. Today, that focus continues as we constantly roll out new highly innovative solutions for brands and retailers. We work every day with the mantra -- innovate, integrate and automate.

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