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Turn Online Browsers Into In-Store Buyers With Local Inventory Ads


Bridge the online-to-offline gap and watch your sales soar with targeted ads that show real-time inventory in your local stores.

A shopper who can't see what is in stock vs a customer who used Local Inventory Ads to get a backpack
Key Benefits of Local Inventory Ads
Search, Click, Store Visit

Key Benefits


Boost foot traffic: Attract nearby shoppers actively searching for your products.
Reduce cart abandonment: Show real-time inventory to prevent "out-of-stock" frustration.
Drive immediate sales: Offer "buy online, pick up in-store" options for convenience.
Increase brand awareness: Stand out in local search results and capture attention.
Seamless omnichannel experience: A unified customer journey for higher engagement.
Cost-effective: Only pay for clicks that bring in potential customers.
Easy setup: Leverage existing Google accounts for quick implementation.
Data-driven insights: Track performance and optimize campaigns for better in store results.

Dominate Local Markets Like Never Before


Small brick and mortar retailers are often challenged with getting nearby shoppers into their stores.

Simplify local inventory listings and let customers know you're right around the corner with this comprehensive product managment tool - all for $19/month.

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Show Products On
5 Google Placements


When a local shopper is searching on Google for "camping store near me" or "Burton womens jacket", we power your store and products to the top of the search results.

It's an incredibly inexpensive way to get 1000's of more views of your in stock products every month.

Specializing in Helping Small Business






Case Study From A Retailer Like You

UtahRun - American Fork, Utah

30% YOY In Store Growth


Looking to increase their local presence in a growing market, UtahRun went all in on Local Inventory Ads helping fuel a massive 30% YOY growth rate. The key was driving customers from nearby zip codes to their store as they prominently displayed they had the searched brand or product in stock locally as well as presented shoppers with easy to use local checkout options (ROPIS/BOPIS). Run speciality relies on repeat visits throughout the year and Local Inventory Ads have allowed UtahRun to maintain and grow their local customer base only furthering their ROI with an increased pool of organic visits in the future.

UtahRun Storefront. A retailer case study for Local Inventory Ads

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Focused On Speciality Outdoor Retail

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Local Inventory Ads FAQs

Questions? We've Got You Covered


To start your subscription, click on this link, Launch Registration.

This allows you to register your store on the BrandSlice platform. 

No. You would use Google or Bing shopping ads for selling products online.

Many subscription plans want to lock you in and not let you go for a year.  Our philosophy at BrandSlide is that it’s our responsibility to provide amazing tools and outstanding support. If we do those things, you’ll be with us for a long time.

So the short answer is, yes, you can cancel at any time.

BrandSlice supports inventory files from any of the following sources:

–   Shopify
–   BigCommerce

–   LightSpeed
–   Fitted Retail
–   XML

Most retailers send us their inventory at the end of each day, but we can accommodate more frequent updates if you’d like.

Your Google Business profile has the awareness of your geo coordinates of your brick-and-mortar location. Google uses this to know when to show your products at the top of local search results to let people know you’re nearby.

That’s an excellent a question and one we get all the time.  So, here’s the answer…it depends.

It’s based on a few different factors, like the number of products you sell, the population size around your store and ultimately, how many local shoppers you want to reach. Remember that ad budgets are almost always recovered by the additional sales they drive.

On average, if a store spends $500 a month, they get about 50,000 products shown. would recommend that retailers spend $1,000 a month as we often find that many searches don’t get sent a retailers way because they’ve run out of daily budget.

How It Works


ShopCast makes it easy to increase product visibility on Google in just 7 days. Our white-glove onboarding and support service make connection and integration a breeze. Your account manager walks you through each step to ensure nothing is lost in translation as we bring your store-based inventory online.

Are you sharing inventory with Locally? If so and are using 'Buy with Locally' you get ShopCast starter for Free.

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List Products Online For Just $19 A Month


Why You'll Love it:

1. Start your free 30-day trial and create your account.

2. Meet your account manager and begin sharing inventory data.

3. Start showing up in Google's key 3 placements.

Zero Red Tape, 100% Local Visibility


You're one step closer to listing you inventory on Google's Local Listings network. ShopCast reduces downtime and bypasses Google's extensive approval process and gets you up and running in 7 days or less. Introduce yourself below and start your free 30-day trial today!

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Populate Your
Google My Business


When a local shopper is searching on Google for "camping store near me" or "Burton womens jacket", we help power your store and products to the top of the search results.

It's an incredibly inexpensive way to get 1000's of more views of your in stock products every month.

ShopCast drives foot traffic

Get in front of mobile shoppers research


Did you know that 69% of 18-39 yr olds use mobile devices to research products before purchase? That means that if you want more shoppers to find your store and what you have in stock, you need to start sharing your inventory today. Don't let active shoppers find your competitors first.

Want proof that it generates results? Consider this stat. ShopCast generated over 1 million views of products in 2021 for its customers.

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