Social Media Ad Sharing


If you're a brand, reaching local market consumers through social advertising has never been easier. BrandCast allows a brand to create, share and push ads using their dealer network as geolocation targeting centers.

Ease of Building Social Ads


Your brand marketing team can now create social ads for Facebook and Instagram campaigns much more efficiently with our BrandCast ad builder tool. It accelerates the process of building out campaigns by allowing you to create ads for both platforms at once while simplifying the number of settings that need to be configured. Highly optimized ads are built once and then shared with any number of your retailers across your network.

Share and distribute
Social Media Ad Campaigns
with multiple configuration options


Share Ad Campaigns


Providing pre-designed, brand-compliant social media ads for your retailers offers a significant upgrade to a brand's ability to reach deeper into local markets while empowering your retailers marketing prowess.

Push Ad Campaigns


Push campaigns are an incredibly convenient way for brands to run social media ad campaigns in local markets while driving traffic to specific brick-and-mortar stores. BrandCast already has all of the wiring in place to allow you to quickly push a campaign out around selected retail locations.

Inventory-Aware Ad Campaigns


A game changing feature that allows brands to publish ads around store locations that have specific products in-stock. Fully integrated with Locally's Store Locator feature.

Propel Social Ad Sharing with Co-Op Marketing


Do you want to provide a simpler way to share markeitng funds with your top retailers while incentivizing them to run your ads in their local market? Using the Co-Op Marketing feature allows you to apply co-op marketing funds directly to social media ads built and distributed to your dealer network.

Brands accelerate ad distribution

Social Ad sharing feature is used to distribute ads to a brands retailer network. Co-Op marketing funds can then be applied for only certain retailers to entice them to run the ads in their local market.

Retailers see increased traffic

Retailers benefit from high quaility content that they can run as social ads from their own account in their local market. It's a win-win.

Detailed Analytics for Social Ads


Brand marketing teams can measure performance of all social ads published from the platform and track engagement and trends in detail.

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