Multi-Location Marketing Teams Can Now Easily
Operate At Scale


Brand, Franchise and Affiliate marketing teams that support multiple locations can now easily scale their digital marketing content sharing and distribution efforts.

Place Social Ads Directly Into
Local Markets With Ease


Social Media Ad Campaigns


Create and share high-quality Facebook and Instagram social media ad campaigns with your entire retailer network.

Social Media "Push" Ad Campaigns


Allows centralized marketing teams like Brands or Franchisors to easily "push" social media ad campaigns into local markets around affiliated retailers, helping drive traffic to that store.

The Most Efficient Way To
Share Social Posts
in Local Markets


Social Media Posts


Create social media posts with gorgeous image and video content along with pre-written copy and then make them available to be run by retailers in just seconds.

Social Media "Push" Posts


Let's face it, retailers are super busy and keeping up with their Social feeds is a non-stop job. That's a problem easily solved on the Brandslice platform. Connect your business social page, decide which retailers you want to participate, and 2-3 times a week, some of the exact same content you run on your pages will be distributed and run on your retailer's social pages. All at the fraction of the cost of having an agency do this for you.

Lean Into Local with Google Local Product Ads


Brands, Franchisors, and Affiliate marketing teams can now reach down into local markets and run Google Local Product Listing ads on the behalf of their retailers. It's an amazingly innovative way to drive sales of your products using those store locations as an anchor point to line up with consumer searches.

How Does It Work?


Co-Op Marketing
That's Targeted for
Maximized Effectiveness


Brandslice's B2B Co-Op Marketing solution was designed to eliminate the hassles of traditional programs. It eliminates the need for receipts, emails, and invoices, by tying co-op funds directly to promotions you create through the platform.

This guarantees that the funds you're providing are being spent on brand-compliant messaging that reaches the correct audience every time. We can tailor programs to fit your unique requirements.

Digital Content Sharing

Digital Asset Library

Share virtually file type in your media library with all of your retailers through a simple integrated connection. No need to move your files or adopt a new media library technology. We'll mirror it here for you.

Digital Catalogs

Make it incredibly convenient for all of your retailers to find your latest product catalog. We can convert any PDF into a flipbook which allows the user to look through your entire product line up online.

Connecting Your Network
Allows You To Scale


Brandslice is a B2B platform that was architected from the ground up to provide multi-location marketing teams of any size to create and distribute marketing content to affiliated businesses. Pushing content out to 10 retailers is as easy as it is for 1000.

Folding your retail network into an omnichannel marketing strategy introduces consistency of messaging at the local level. Consumers now hear and see similar on-brand posts and ads whether they find you on your brand site or via one of your affiliated retailers.

Onboarding Retailers Couldn't Be Easier

Rolling our marketing programs to multiple locations using technology platforms often requires retailers to sign up and register as participants. That can be a huge barrier to success.


We’ve solved that problem by providing multiple solutions that don’t require retailers to be registered on the platform at all. This allows multi-location marketing teams to start creating and distributing valuable promotional assets more quickly.

Why Brandslice?

Experience, scalability and understanding. 

Leverage Your Existing Network

There are very few technology platforms that are able to exploit a connected network of B2B businesses and provide the reach we can.

Increase Your
Local Reach

Local businesses drive significant revenue for brands. manufacturers and franchisors. Your digital marketing spend should be in equal proportion.

Your Retailers

By sharing high-quality image and video content with retailers turns them into marketing rockstars. It helps your brand and helps them sell more stuff.

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