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Walkabout Outfitter

Walkabout Outfitter is an outdoor clothing and gear retailer based in Virginia, with 6 locations throughout the state. Owners Tina and Kirk Miller opened their first store in Lexington, VA in 2005 and haven’t looked back. They sell many popular outdoor brands like The North Face, Patagonia, Keen and Chacos and have a proud tradition of serving people who love the great outdoors.

Walkabout Outfitter was already a long-time Locally customer when we approached them about using ShopCast. By their own admission, they had not put a large focus on digital marketing but were intrigued when we described how ShopCast would be able to automatically populate multiple online shopping channels with the inventory data they were already sending to Locally every night. Given the current economic environment, they were looking for all of the help they could get. So Tina signed on board and we were off and running.

They were anxious to have all 6 six stores on the Facebook/Instagram Shops and the Google Shopping channel feature within ShopCast. They’re also running the Google Ads feature for their Valley View Mall store location.

Early each morning, ShopCast fires up automatically and pulls in the inventory files that were uploaded by Walkabout Outfitter to Locally for each of the 6 locations. It then transforms over 19,000 UPCs into 18 feed files (6 locations x 3 shopping channels each) and generates over 4,000 Google search ads and 35,000 keywords (search terms). All of this gets created in about 1 minute by the ShopCast engine.

Once ShopCast is done, Walkabout’s Facebook/Instagram Shop and Google Shopping pages are refreshed with product images and descriptions that reflect up to date in stock listings. Most importantly, each product display has a url link that, when clicked on, brings the consumer directly to the Locally website page with the important “Buy Now” button.

Tina and her office manager can now look at their ShopCast dashboard and observe what and how consumers are searching for products they have in stock.
Walkabout Outfitter now enjoys the fact that ShopCast is working completely in the background every day without her team having to hire outside digital marketing consultants. When asked what she found most beneficial about ShopCast, Tina responded, “Lynkem has finally solved the problem of bringing digital marketing down to earth for retailers by completely automating this solution through a simple pay-by-month service.”

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