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Get highly qualified customer leads by showing in local Google search results for all of your products with our automated search engine advertising platform.

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Products Available
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Brands to Advertise
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Save hundreds of hours

Launch ad campaigns for every single one of your products within seconds. Our automated software generates Google search ads based on product information, store location, and inventory (which is updated daily). 

Show up when people search for what you offer


Using your "in-stock" inventory, our proprietary technology will create thousands of Google search ad variations,
casting a wide net to capture search traffic.

Searches for Brand Names

Show up in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) for brand name searches, which helps you capture highly-qualified leads for the brand's products you sell in your store.

Searches for Categories

Get competitive by dominating category searches (like "running shoes" or "best kayak," and push your competitors further down the SERPs for those searches.

Searches for Products

If a customer already knows exactly what they want, you can now show up in SERPs with detailed descriptions, ranging from size and color to SKUs.

Searches for Stores

The most highly-qualified customers for your store are those that are looking for place to buy - to shop a specific brand, product or product category in-store.

Save hundreds of dollars

With automated advertising that updates based on your inventory, you'll experience no more wasted ad spend, saving hundreds of dollars per month.

Let's Compare

Manual search ad creation vs. BrandSlice Automation

FeaturesCreation + Daily Updates of Ads MANUALLYCreation + Daily Updates of Ads with BrandSlice
Digital Advertising ExpertiseNO - Not without hours of extra work to learn and implement digital advertising know-how.YES - Our automated digital advertising software has been fine-tuned by our own digital marketing experts.
Thousands of Ad CampaignsNO - building out each ad campaign separately would take hours, or even days to complete.YES - Launch multiple expertly-crafted ad campaigns within seconds from the BrandSlice platform.
Detailed DescriptionsNO - Unless you are able to clock multiple hours on building out each individual campaign.YES - Our campaigns get down to the last detail, from SKUs to color or size variations, based on search terms.
Updates Based on InventoryNO - Again, only if you spend countless hours updating your search campaigns each night.YES - Our platform dynamically updates on a daily basis, after cross checking a in-stock inventory.


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