The Best Times To Post On Instagram

So you’ve been posting on Instagram for awhile. But maybe you’ve started to ask yourself, when is the best time to post on Instagram?

We know you’re tired of searching for the answer, so we made it super easy for you by showcasing a few videos on when’s the best time to post on Instagram.
So what did we learn? All though there could be a general “good time” to post once a week, it is really going to come down to your audience and type on content. Analyzing and testing will be the only way to nail down your ideal posting time.

So to recap quickly;

1. Use the analytics tools inside of Instagram to identify who your audience is (what country they are in, what time they are active).

2. Once you have a better sense of the makeup of your audience,  start using the data to test posting during those times. Remember to test different pieces of content on different days and times.

3. Once you do find those perfect times to post, consider using a social scheduling tool (like BrandSlice), which helps keep you stay organized while ensuring that your posts are going out on the correct days and times.

What’s BrandSlice you might ask? A social sharing platform for brands and retailers. One of the great benefits of scheduling and posting through BrandSlice is our calendar. This tool allows you to easily test which time of day works for you by scheduling out content on a specific day and time with the added bonus of sharing that content with your retailer and influencer network!
social scheduler date picker
If you are a Brand or Retailer and want to learn more about BrandSlice and our amazing social scheduling and sharing tools, schedule a demo with our team below.